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Engineering Services

Mr. L. Gwala

Senior Manager: Engineering Services

In this department there are the following sections with their respective heads:

  1. Project Management Unit                       – Mr V. Nontanda
  2. Operations and Maintenance                 – Mr S. Songca
  3. Electricity Unit                                          – Mr. V. Mqina

Mandate of the Department

  • The construction, maintenance, and control of a road which the public has the right to and includes, in addition to the roadway the land of which the road consists or over which the road extends and anything on that land forming part of, connected with, or belonging to the road, and also, includes a street in build-up areas.
  • Facilitate the provision of provincial and district roads by provincial and national roads departments.
  • Develop IDP priorities in road transport for the municipal area.

Contact Person:

Engineering Services Secretary : Miss V. Thafeni


Tel : (039) 251 0230 ext. 2071

Fax : (039) 251 0483


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